As part of the implementation of the Switch Garment (EU-Switch Asia) and VETHIC (AFD) Project in Cambodia which aims at increasing competitiveness and decreasing environmental impact towards sustainable production in the Cambodian garment industry, Geres is developing technical briefs to illustrate the possibilities to adopt more sustainable practices.

These technical briefs are the outcome of 50 comprehensive walkthrough audits conducted in garment factories across Cambodia. These audits have provided valuable insights and findings, enabling the identification of key opportunities for energy conservation and renewable energy implementation.

During this webinar, Sophea Lun, Geres Deputy project manager, Touch Chuon, Geres Energy efficiency engineer and Tessa Wong, Sevea Senior energy consultant will present 3 specific Technical Briefs, along with the corresponding audit findings related to each topic. The Technical Briefs to be discussed in detail are as follows:

1.Ventilation and Cooling Systems - This brief will focus on the optimization of Ventilation and cooling Systems, emphasizing energy efficiency measures and innovative solutions that can lead to substantial energy conservation.

2.Motors and Pumping Systems - This document explores the possibilities for energy savings for motors and pumping systems. Since these machines are found all over the factory, even in the equipment we discussed in the recent webinars, there's a significant opportunity for savings.

3.Industrial Energy Management – There is a significant need for this industry to increase the efficiency of its processes, which can be achieved through energy management that can save money while minimizing its environmental impact. This document provides information on how to achieve and implement industrial energy management.


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